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  • Product Name : Edge Polishing Machine MB3000
    Size : MB3000
    Country of Origin : Xiamen,China
    Contact : Justine (miss) Leave a message Leave a message
  • Stone Edge Cutting Machine
    Stone Edge Profiling & Polishing Machine
    stone edge profiling and polishing machine
    Product No.:MB3000

    The machine works on edge profiling and polishing for straight edge and curved edges with variable speed to fit kinds of materials and also suitable for making bar line, window will and other decorative stones.


    Max. work length 3000 mm  118"
    Work thick Max.150 mm  6"
    Wheel size Φ140 - Φ160 mm
    Blade size Φ140 - Φ160 mm
    Spindle rotation 360°
    Spindle motor 4 Kw  5 HP
    Spindle speed Dual 1440/2900 rpm
    Water consumption 1.7 m3/h
    Size 3.8×1.7×1.5 m