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  • Product Name : Column Cutting Machine SYF1800
    Size : SYF1800
    Country of Origin : Xiamen,China
    Contact : Justine (miss) Leave a message Leave a message
  • The lathe machine is applicable for cutting kinds of solid rotary marble granite stones, such as baluster, column, guide bar, sysloidal baluster, pellet, stylobate, cap, etc.

    The machine is made of strong cast iron and it works automatically by computer.

    The stone materials turns and the cutter head makes exact shape copy cut from a template.

    A laser sensor tracks the template and guides the cutter heads to make 100% copy cut.

    Also the blade cuts two materials at the same time, very high efficiency.

    The template is easy to be changed for any pattern hence is very flexible in use and easy to operate.


    Blade size

    Φ350-Φ400 mm

    Max. column diameter

    Φ400 mm

    Max. cut length

    1800 mm

    Spindle motor

    7.5 Kw

    Water consumption

    1.5 m3/h




    2000 Kg